Liz Wolf has been a professional wordsmith for over 25 years. Selected writing and editing samples are available below. They include features, news articles, profiles, reviews, and nonprofit newsletters.

Liz’s work has appeared in Spirituality & Health, Su Casa, Santa Fean, and other magazines.

She has held staff and freelance positions with John Muir Publications, Avalon Books, Santa Fean, Su Casa, Matrix Women’s Newsmagazine, and other media spaces. Her editorial experience includes developmental editing, copyediting, ghostwriting, and eagle-eye proofreading.

As a nonprofit consultant and senior staff member for over 10 years, Liz produced a wide variety of print and online pieces, including newsletters, fundraising appeals, crowdfunder materials, grant proposals and reports, donor acknowledgments, website copy, and social media posts.

Liz blogs at The Last Involuntary Incarnation.


Who Owns Organic? An Interview with Philip Howard

The Science of Synergy: The Santa Fe Institute

Frozen Fire: El Malpais National Monument

Soul Food: Four Northern New Mexico Retreats

Los Poblanos Ranch: Home of a Hundred Perfections

Liquid Gold: Smart Ways to Conserve the Desert’s Most Precious Resource

Planet Second Street: Santa Fe’s Burgeoning Creative Center

Petal Power: Healing with Flower Essences

GMO Myths & Truths

Artful Gardens: Santa Fe Botanical Gardens’ 10th Anniversary


The Good Doctor: An Interview with Larry Dossey, MD

Saving Seed: New York’s Fruition Seeds

Farmer Jane: An Interview with Author Temra Costa

Furniture Maker Dennis Esquivel Reinvigorates Native Tradition

Urban Ag in the Heartland: Big Muddy Farm

Green Designer: An Interview with Architect Ed Mazria

No Fences: Coonridge Organic Goat Dairy


Bee-friendly Burg: Minnesota City Bans Neonics

Hawaiian Temples Centuries Older than Previously Thought

Oregon Counties: G-M-Over!

Basque Tree Carvings Documented in Idaho

Archaeologists Find Oldest New World Writing?


The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women


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